Hachijojima Nature Guide is Continually Impressed by the Islands’ Enchanting Greenery

Hachijojima Nature Guide Service (Shiinoki) Yuriko Orui

Cast within the beautiful reaches of the Philippine Sea, the volcanic Island of Hachijojima has blossomed over the years into a paradise of diverse plant and animal life. It is perhaps the most notable member of the Izu archipelago, boasting a vast lineup of green riches with peaceful nature walks a significant highlight of the 69 square kilometer landmass. Views from atop the 854m high Mt Hachijo Fuji- named so due to its uncanny resemblance to the tallest mountain in Japan, i.e., Mt. Fuji- are particularly panoramic. You can also say the same of the breathtaking mountain trail that is the Karataki/Ionuma course. It is brimming with colorful seasonal plants swaying to breezes from the nearby sea.